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Medicaid and LIFE have an income limit to approve benefits for home care in Pennsylvania.  For 2021, the maximum monthly income that the applicant can have is $2,382.  If the applicant is even one cent over this limit, the County Assistance Office will deny the application.


The Medicaid Success At Home Solution

Medicaid Success has over-income solutions for single and married applicants.  We can assist in getting a single applicant approved for Pennsylvania LIFE or Medicaid home care benefits if their income is up to $500 over the limit.  For married couples, in most cases we can assist in allocating income to the non-applicant spouse and, once reduced, also assist with getting benefits approved if the remaining income is up to $500 over the income limit.  Bottom line, the Medicaid Success at Home program can help potential home care customers defeat the income cap and qualify for Medicaid or LIFE coverage.

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