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How We

We provide assistance for all of your prospective client's benefit needs.


Medicaid-Eligible Applicants

For agencies enrolled in our application service, we provide application assistance to those who have spent down resources.  We work directly with the client or their family to prepare, file, and process the Medicaid application to completion. ​

This service is also available directly to seniors who need help navigating the HCBS application process.  If your home car agency is enrolled with our service, this assistance is provided free of charge; however, a senior can pay for the service directly.


Over-Resourced Applicants

For a client that is in the process of spending down resources, the benefits assistance planning team can provide the potential benefit applicant with a spend-down plan and access to a reduced-cost planning service.  ​

The goal of a spenddown plan is to maximize eligibility under the rules by using every available technique.  This has the advantage of protecting assets that would otherwise have to be spent down.  It has the additional advantage of speeding up the eligibility process.


Over-Income Applicants

For prospective clients who are over income, we will work directly with the prospective client and/or their family to address the over-income issue.  In most cases, our low-cost income diversion plan will allow the senior to adapt to the income cap limits and establish benefit eligibility immediately.

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