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What To Expect

When your home care agency or PACE program refers you to our Medicaid Application Service, we make the Medicaid approval process as easy as possible. You will be assigned a Medicaid Eligibility Specialist who will help you through every stage.

Nurse with Patient

Before we can begin to prepare a Medicaid application, we will need to know certain information. Our office will send you an intake form to complete. If you prefer to complete it online, an online link will be provided.


Once your Medicaid Eligibility Specialist receives your intake information summary. They will review it for any potentially problematic issues. If any items require clarification, they will reach out to you directly by phone or email to get clarification.


Medicaid requires that you document every item in the Medicaid Application. Your Medicaid Eligibility Specialist will identify the documents that the Department will be asking for and provide you with a checklist of things to track down.


The information you provide will be put into the Medicaid application and delivered to you for review and signature. Once the signed application is returned to our office, it will be submitted along with the required documentation to the Medicaid Department to begin the application process.

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If the Medicaid Department requires additional information or documentation, they will notify your Medicaid Eligibility Specialist.

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Working together, we will get your or your loved one's application successfully approved.

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